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Rescue North East (RNE) offers a wide range of Work and Rescue Training Courses which are delivered by appropriately qualified staff, following relevant guidelines with regard to staff: student ratios. Course bookings can only be made online or by using the RNE course booking form. Directions, course start times and an accommodation list (where appropriate) will be sent on receipt of full payment.


Work & Rescue training courses are potentially dangerous activities. All participants must be aware of this and accept the risks associated with these activities. Whilst RNE has an excellent safety record, responsibility for injury or illness arising from rescue training or associated activities, can only be accepted if caused by negligence on the part of RNE. RNE is under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property, however caused. Candidates are strongly advised to arrange their own insurance cover. RNE is unable to offer any form of insurance cover (other than Public Liability and Professional Indemnity).


Due to the strenuous nature of work & rescue training, all participants should be physically fit. Anyone with a medical condition must seek medical advice before considering participating.

The following criteria must be satisfied:

  • All participants must be able to swim 25m and be confident swimming in open water (course specific).
  • All candidates must be confident at heights (course specific).
  • All candidates must be comfortable in restricted spaces (course specific).
  • All participants must be aged 18 or over unless otherwise stated.
  • Spectacles may be worn at the discretion of the Course Director. It is recommended that spectacles are impact resistant with plastic lenses and frames. The wearer must accept that injury may still occur if any form of spectacles are worn and accept full responsibility for any such injury. Contact lenses may be worn by participants.
  • Course participants will not be permitted to consume alcohol or drugs prior to, or during courses.Rescue North East staff reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Rescue North East staff may require any participant to leave the course if that person acts in any such manner as to endanger him / herself, other course members or any other user of the training venue.
  • The course director may require any participant to leave the course if that person does not meet minimum course requirements.
  • Disabled persons are welcome to participate in courses. Please send details of your specific needs to RNE at the time of booking.
  • Course members are required to inform RNE if they are on any form of medication, receiving treatment or have had medical advice that indicates a detrimental effect to their fitness to work at height. These conditions include, but are not limited to, the following: Alcohol or drug dependence; Diabetes; High or low blood pressure; Epilepsy, fits, blackouts; Fear of heights; Vertigo, giddiness, difficulty with balance; heart disease, chest pain; Impaired limb function; Musculoskeletal issues e.g. bad back, strains, sprains; obesity; Psychiatric illness If any of the conditions listed above apply to you, please advise us. You will not necessarily be excluded from all elements of the training course. If you do not have a medical certificate addressing these points, before you commence training you will be required to sign the following statement: "To the best of my knowledge I do not suffer from any mental or physical condition, including, but not limited to, those mentioned above, which could interfere with my ability to work at height in a satisfactory and safe manner or put myself or others at risk through my participation in these activities." We reserve the right to refuse training to any person without an appropriate medical certificate or who is unwilling to sign the above statement.


Refunds or transfers will be made in the event of failure to deliver any rescue courses due to there being insufficient water levels, when no other suitable venues can be used. RNE will not accept liability or any other expenditures or costs incurred by prospective participants. RNE reserves the right to modify or postpone courses to optimise water conditions.


RNE can supply all specialist equipment required for work & rescue training courses. Please refer to your pre-course information for confirmation of equipment and clothing required and that which will be provided. Damage or loss to centre equipment caused by negligence, malicious acts or carelessness must be paid for at the time at current replacement value.


Booking Procedure

A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a website booking or a completed and signed booking form with the appropriate payment.


Payment must be received in full either via booking online or a 25% deposit for group courses must be received with the signed booking form. The balance of payment must be paid in full no later than 15 working days prior to the start of the course. If the booking is within 15 days of the course date then full payment will be required at the time of booking. Payment can be made via BACs transfer or cheque. A provisional booking will not be accepted as confirmed until full payment is received. RNE reserves the right to re-allocate the course place to another delegate if fees are not paid on time.

Cancelling Courses

All cancellations must be made at least 15 working days prior to the start of the course. If the booking is cancelled within 15 working days prior to the start date of the course, or if a delegate fails to attend the course, there will be no refund of fees.

Transferring Courses

If a delegate wishes to transfer a booking within 15 working days prior to the original course date, to a later date, there will be a surcharge of 25% of the course fee. Course bookings cannot be transferred more than once. If that transfer is subsequently cancelled the surcharge will remain payable.

Changing Delegate Details

There will be no charge if a substitute person wishes to replace the original delegate. Please inform our office of any change to the original booking prior to the course commencing.

Course Content

RNE training courses are constantly updated and improved and we reserve the right to alter any course content without prior notice. Please contact us prior to course booking if you have any special requirements.

Cancellation of Courses by RNE

Whilst every available attempt will be made to deliver courses, RNE reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without liability. In these circumstances, delegates will be offered an alternative date, a credit note or a full refund. No refunds will be offered which arise from circumstances that are beyond the control of RNE, except for water levels. As part of the continual review of safety and associated considerations, the conditions of booking are subject to change, clarification, and modification etc. at any time. Only the Director of Rescue North East is empowered to vary or waive any of the conditions of booking.


Personal data collected will be used for the purpose of delegate and course administration as required by RNE and may be disclosed to appropriate bodies/organisations associated with such courses. Contact details supplied to RNE will not be passed on to any other third parties without prior agreement. The information may also be used for marketing purposes and you could be contacted by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail with details of future events and courses organised or promoted by RNE which may be of interest to you. RNE will only send marketing communication to any delegate or organisation agreeing that their details are used for such purpose. RNE proactively manages all marketing communications to enable delegates and organisations to opt out from further communication at any time. RNE will not contact any delegate or organisation that have previously unsubscribed from email or newsletters

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