Patient management and intervention: Vehicle trapped in water (HART Specific)

Water Rescue


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Course Description

This course is bespoke for those emergency services that could be called upon to assist in patient management and medical intervention of a person trapped in a vehicle in water. 
The course has two instructors to ensure both clinical and rescue capabilities are met inline with current best practices.  This course has been developed to meet the needs of HART.

The course is delivered at Tees International White Water course only and allows medical professionals an opportunity to practice their clinical skills in a safe, yet challenging environment.

Course content includes:

  • Vehicle hydrology
  • Vehicles in water considerations
  • Vehicle stabilisation options
  • Dynamic risk assessment/size-up
  • Size-up and scene management
  • PPE
  • Communications
  • Bank-based rescues
  • Wading access
  • Patient management
  • Patient medical intervention techniques
  • Management of equipment treatment
  • Remote clinical work
  • Extrication options
  • Use of floating platforms
  • Use of tether


  • Swift-water Rescue technicians, First Responders or inland water operatives

Course Duration:

  • 1-2 Days

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